Coconut Oil is an Effective Energy Booster


Coconut oil consumption can boost your energy level. It’s like adding a premium grade gasoline into a high performance car. Your metabolism is shifted into a higher gear.

Many people lack energy and quickly become fatigued. Coconut oil can help overcome this problem. Now the boost in energy you get from coconut isn’t like the kick you get from caffeine, it’s more subtle than that, but it’s longer lasting. Unlike caffeine, the effects of coconut oil can last for many hours and you don’t develop a dependence or addiction to it.

When I first was learning about the many benefits of coconut oil, I started using it myself. Although I had read in the medical literature about the studies on the influence medium chain fatty acids have on energy and metabolism, it really didn’t hit me how much of an effect they really had. I remember taking some coconut oil in the evening a few hours before going to bed. When I went to bed at my normal time, I was full of energy, my eyes were wide open, and I couldn’t go to sleep. I laid there for at least three hours before finally falling asleep. At first, I didn’t know why I had so much energy. I didn’t connect it to the coconut oil. A couple of days later it happened again. I took some oil in the evening and when I went to bed I had too much energy to sleep. It was then that I realized it must be from the coconut oil. Since then other people have reported similar experiences to me. I now refrain from eating coconut oil late in the evening.

Adding coconut oil into your diet can help keep you alert and give you an energy boost to help with daily activities.

What a great natural alternative to coffee! Instead of drinking coffee to wake you up in the morning or keep you going through an exhausting day, a little coconut oil can do the same thing, but without the side effects of caffeine. A tablespoon of coconut oil in a cup of warm herbal tea, cocoa, or juice can boost your energy

The effects of MCFAs in coconut oil have been so impressive that researchers have investigated their use for enhancing endurance and athletic performance. Results of many of these studies have been encouraging but mild when compared to drugs. In Australia horse trainers are feeding their racehorses coconut cake containing about 10 percent coconut oil. They claim this enhances the horse’s performance. Because it doesn’t have a drug-like effect, coconut oil can legally be used in athletic competition. For this reason, coconut or MCT is frequently added to powdered sports drink and energy bars. Even if you’re not an athlete you can enjoy the energy boost you get from coconut oil. Who wouldn’t like to have higher level of energy throughout the day to help them accomplish more without feeling tired or exhausted? People who lack energy or suffer from chronic fatigue can greatly improve their lives by adding coconut oil in their diets.

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