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Dorisann Brandt – Spartanburg, South Carolina

I started using Virgin Coconut Oil after reading information from a website. I am using it in cooking and as a skin and hair conditioner. There have been two specific areas of dramatic improvement. For several years I have struggled with Rosacia, treating it with prescriptions only to have it flare up again. Since using Coconut Oil for a moisturizer morning and evening, I have had no Rosacia flare-ups (about 7 months). I also had a fungus in my toenails, which is totally cleared following application of Coconut Oil every morning following my shower. I am now looking forward to assistance with weight loss and Migraine from the newsletter.

Linda Coleman – Atlanta, Georgia

It’s only about three months since I’ve begun using coconut oil. My skin is like a new born babe’s. My face is lovely rosy. The bottoms of my feet are like teenagers (I don’t rub it in, I merely ingest it). For the first time in 53 plus years I am WARM as long as I use the coconut oil. And I’ve lost 11 pounds. My hair is beautiful! As far as I’m concerned virgin coconut oil is my miracle food.

Lorraine Nobel – Detroit, Michigan

I use virgin coconut oil on my hair. I put it in before bed. I rub it together in my hands and work it through (make sure you get your scalp, too), then brush. Make sure you have a separate brush for your regular brushing and styling. I leave it in overnight and shampoo and do regular conditioning the next day. My hair feels so smooth and soft you wouldn’t believe it. It’s a great deep conditioner.

Elaine Lance – Montgomery, Alabama

Since using virgin coconut oil regularly I have noticed my fingernails getting strong as iron. I can hardly chew them anymore and will have to look for a new bad habit.

Anna Fordham – Vicksburg, Mississippi

I have for a long, long time had a painful problem with my heels cracking. (I blame this along with a myriad of the other problems on my hypothyroidism.) I decided to rub the coconut oil into my heels. This felt so good that I put it all over my feet, including in and around my toes, after my morning shower. Well, what I have noticed are 2 things: 1) where I had the beginnings of some apparent athlete’s foot on one of my little toes, it disappeared in 3 days, and 2) I have no foot odor whatsoever. Oh, and by the way, after a week of rubbing in the oil I no longer had any cracking heels either. My feet still feel like such a novelty to me because I haven’t had smooth heels in I don’t’ know how long. Nothing else really helped before, not pumice stones and creams, nothing

James Rankin – Austin, Texas

My grandson (17 years old) has used prescribed meds for 3-4 years now for acne… The meds haven’t worked for him. About 6 weeks ago I gave him some virgin coconut oil to use on his face… His acne has cleared up just fine. He uses regular soap to wash. Now his sister is starting to develop acne also and she came to me and asked form some of the good stuff that I gave to her brother.

Cyndi Loft – Oakland, California

I just had the opportunity to try this organic virgin coconut oil and I have to say… I MUST have this oil. It is fantastic. The virgin oil melted into my skin, leaving it softer but without a greasy finish. The scent is just wonderful. It’s a clean smell and most definitely does not leave you smelling like a Coppertone factory or a kitchen. I really like it.

Effie Fox – Denver, Colorado

One day after dinner I spilled a cup of hot tea over my arm and lap. I took off my skirt and put a wet towel on the damaged skin. It was very sore so I poured coconut oil over it and the pain went down. I put oil on again later that night when it started to hurt again and by morning it was all healed up. This is what we do in the Solomons.

John Brown – Marryland, Ohio

Thought you might be interested in my recent experience. I stupidly let myself get badly sunburned and in desperation applied your coconut oil to the reddened areas. To my relief the sun burn healed really quickly without blisters or peeling. I’m not planning to let myself get so burned again but if it does happen I know what I’ll do!

Sylvie Adams – Houston, Texas

Before using coconut oil, I always burned and peeled when I went in the sun. I have been using your product as a sun protection for the last two summers and I haven’t burned or peeled, and I get a deep golden, natural tan that just lasts and lasts. It’s wonderful.


Dr. Bruce Fife N.D. (Coconut Cures)

For thousands of years coconut oil has been used to make the skin soft and smooth and give hair a rich, shiny luster. Polynesian women are famed for their beautiful skin and hair, even though they are exposed to the hot blistering sun and the chafing of the ocean breeze everyday. As a skin lotion, and hair conditioner, no other oil can compare.

Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell M.D. (Rx Coconuts)

Since 1999, in lieu of mineral oil I have been prescribing coconut oil to patients with any kind of skin dryness. The results are invariably the same. Patients noticed improved appearance, and with it, a reduction of skin roughness or dryness. Coconut oil is easy to prescribe because I find that my patients readily comply with my instructions on how to use the oils.

Dr. Mary Enig Ph.D. (Research on Coconut Oil)

Coconut oil is the most important oil because it is a lauric oil. The lauric fats possess unique characteristics for both food industry uses and also for the uses of the soaps and cosmetic industries. Because of the unique properties of coconut oil, the fats and oils industry has spent untold millions to formulate replacements from those seed oils so widely grown in the world outside the tropics.

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