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Kevin Young – St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you for my virgin coconut oil, it arrived this morning. I’m really enjoying adding coconut oil to my diet. It has such a nice light taste that it’s good enough to eat straight from the tub. I’m using it in cooking, for making ice cream and even for making sugar free sweets. I’m also eating about a tablespoon straight from the tub for breakfast – it gives me a great energy boost to start the day. It’s also wonderful on my skin. Who needs expensive moisturizers with virgin coconut oil? I enclose my recipe for sugar free coconut and lime ice cream. The idea with ice cream was to make something wonderful to eat on a hot day that would also be very good for you. I can’t have sugar but I love ice cream. So I decided to experiment with coconut and lime as those flavours go so well together and, of course, coconut is so good for you.

Mike Walter – St. Louis, Missouri

I took the oil for the first time, 2 tablespoons. I did not notice anything until this morning. I am 60 years old. And last year I have had trouble waking up and I feel fuzzy. This morning before I even opened my eyes (5 am) I knew something was different. My head was cleared and balanced and I could have jumped right out of bed but I lie there a while just enjoying it.


Dr. Bruce Fife N.D. (Coconut Cures)

Adding coconut oil into your diet can help keep you alert and give you an energy boost to help with daily activities. Many people lack energy and quickly become fatigued. Coconut oil can help overcome this problem. Now the boost in energy you get from coconut isn’t like the kick you get from caffeine, it’s more subtle than that, but it’s longer lasting. Unlike caffeine, the effects of coconut oil can last for many hours and you don’t develop a dependence or addiction to it.

Dr. Bruce Fife N.D.

Eating foods containing coconut oil is one way of giving your cells a source of quick, easy nourishment, thus helping them to remain alive and active. MCFAs can give cells a needed energy boost, increasing metabolism to help them expel waste and toxins, utilize life-giving oxygen, and perform at top efficiency. As the cells inside your body become healthier, you become healthier.

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