Virgin Coconut Oil for Topical Use

Heals Injuries and Infections

article_heal_infectionsCoconut oil will speed the healing of all types of injuries and infections and will prevent ugly scarring. If applied before the injury occurs, healing will be faster. This is one good reason to use it daily. As an example, if coconut oil is massaged into the abdomen of an expectant mother and continued after delivery, stretch marks won’t be a problem. Body builders sometimes complain that as they beef up they develop stretch marks. This problem can be avoided with daily use of coconut oil both topically and internally. Cuts, burns, and other injuries heal faster and with less scarring if treated with coconut oil.

Injuries, infections, growths (warts and moles), and blemishes of every kind respond very well to coconut oil therapy. Warm the oil first. Put the container in hot water until the oil is very warm, not just lukewarm. Warm oil is absorbed more efficiently and penetrates deeper. When applying the oil, it is best to massage or work the oil into the skin. Massaging the oil into the skin also increases absorption. If you have an inury you might not be able to do this. Brushing on a light coat may as much as you can do.

The secret to getting the best results with coconut oil is to keep it continually on the injured or infected spot until healed. You can do this using a bandage. If you can’t use a bandage, you should apply the oil as frequently as possible throughout the day.

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