Coconut Sap Sugar/Syrup

Manila Coco ™

  • Organic Sweetener 100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup
  • Healthful Substitute to High Fructose Corn Syrup or Cane Sugar, Artificial Coconut Flavor Mix or Processed Imitation Coconut Sweetener
  • NATIVE CARAMEL SWEET [(°Bx) brix 75] bold dark or mellow light concentrate 750 ml

Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup : the Healthier Sweetener

Organic Sweetener COCONUT SAP HONEY-Syrup by Manila Coco ™

  • Concentrated pure virgin nectar from coconut tree blossoms – soft caramel sweet, full body bold dark robust or mellow light bouquet
  • Much more minerals and vitamins and lower Glycemic Index @ 39 than conventional syrup sweeteners
  • 369 k/cal/100g energy food, yet lower calories @ 15 per serving …
  • For all gender and ages. Diabetics would love it too!

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup   Origin and Process

All natural – concentrate of fresh, high nutrient sap or toddy of the flower blossoms (not the nut) of the coconut tree (cocos nucifera) … Artisan, no engineered enzymatic treatment, nor synthetic chemical processing or foreign ingredient. Simply, …by boiling and evaporating excess water out of the sap down to a viscous, prepared the old fashion way from the ancient (3000 yr) tradition of Sri Visayans of Southern Philippine Islands.

Manila VirginSap™ Process. It begins from organic certified farms (EcoCert) with select mature mountain-fresh pure sap, tapped from tender unopened inflorescence (spadix)


This raw perishable nectar, oyster-white-translucent liquid, gathered tree-top in wee hours of early mornings, and afternoons, is then pan-boiled … in WOOD-FIRED slow cooking with occasional stirring for about 1 1/2 hours.

… the resulting syrup is gradually thickened at 115 degrees fahrenheit (°F), enough to protect its native nutrients, and caramelized in a Maillard browning reaction, similar to that of traditional farm maple syrup, then cooled down into viscous bold deep red/dark amber texture.

All process done within 5 hours … from sap harvest to packed containers … to best capture its optimum potency and freshness.

… employing modern Good Manufacturing Practices & Codex Alimentarius International Code of food hygiene and HACCP System as certified by TUV/SUD of Phil/Germany … to prevent micro contamination or any adulteration … yet upholding our generational family proprietary recipe (manila virginsap).

Handcrafted Old World Recipe [manila virginsap ™]

coco sap boiling …

Other Brands Coconut Sap Syrup Process


… Handcrafted Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener – 100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey is simply, not low-cost, classical old-world recipe : Manila VirginSap ™ Premium Quality !

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup

Nutrient Components

Analyzed and published by the highest Phil. government coconut agency : Phil. Coconut Authority (PCA) of the Department of Agriculture, and funded by the Manila-based Asian Development Bank …

A Nutritive Sweetener
Largely natural-occurring sucrose (46%) and other essential dietary sugars, fructose (11%) and glucose (10%) [by Dole Labs] – closer to floral, fruit or vegetable organic sugars, similarly present in bee honey, tree fruits, berries, melons, and some root vegetables – beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and onions … …

Concentrated Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup [brix 75] carries about the same sweetness as

HFCS [brix 77], Agave Syrup [brix 77], and Bee Honey [brix 70-88], and slightly sweeter than Maple Syrup [brix 67] and Granulated Cane Syrup [brix 67].

… thus sets well on a 1:1 replacement ratio of any of these conventional syrups … with sometimes a butterscotch flavor twist to boot depending on the breed-variety of coconut nectar starting materials.

Chock full of Minerals – Amino Acids [building block of proteins] & Vitamins

Coconut Sap Sugar contains naturally occurring phyto-nutrients as -… 13 macro-nutrients (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, etc),

Fresh coconut sap which contains -… 17 amino acids (largely glutamine – 34.2 g/10g : minimize muscle breakdown; improve protein metabolism, alertness, prostate), … 12 vitamins (largely inositol – 127.7 mg/dl : relief from depression, panic attacks; reduce cholesterol),

Plus, with a Low Glycemic Index (GI) @ 39 (coco sugar GI @ 35), avoids blood glucose spikes – no rapid highs – no rapid lows.

Healthier Alternative to medium GI syrup sweeteners as : Agave Syrup GI @ 34-38, Maple Syrup @ 54, Bee Honey @ 55, and definitely in lieu of high GI ones as : Granulated Cane Syrup @ 67, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) @ 73.

Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup supplies lower calories @ 15 per teaspoon serving versus HFCS @ 17, Granulated Cane Syrup @ 17, Agave @ 20, Maple @ 22, Bee Honey @ 22 .

… Zero Cholesterol, Zero Transfats … … Gluten Free, Vegan !

Sweetness brix counting …

A Caloric Sweetener

Converts into body energy, unlike non-nutritive, no/low-calorie artificial sweeteners, which obviously only caters to the sweet palate. It’s total energy content @ 369.4 kcal/100g compares much better by + 30% than HFCS @ 281 kcal/100g, or by +270% than Agave Syrup @ 135 kcal/100g, or by + 142% than Maple Syrup @ 260 kcal/100g, or by +121% than Bee Honey @ 304 kcal/100g. …

Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup contains the least calories per serving, for blood sugar management, weight control or weight loss yet satisfy enough of cravings for sweets but not overwhelmingly as other conventional syrup sweeteners.

… Published USDA Nutrient Data shows a list of sweetener calories with its corresponding carbohydrate load grammage on serving size of 2 teaspoons, and Coconut Sap Syrup @ 30 cal/8 g carbs compares favorably with – Granulated Cane Syrup @ 33 cal/8 g carbs; HFCS @ 33 cal/8 g carbs; Agave Syrup @ 40 cal/8 g carbs; Bee Honey @ 43 cal/11 g carbs; Maple Syrup @ 45 cal/9 g carbs.

Why use Imitation Coconut Sweetener?


ARTIFICIAL COCONUT FLAVORING MIXES or PROCESSED IMITATION COCONUT SWEETENERS contain mostly refined cane sugar, or worse – enhanced with unwanted High Fructose Corn Syrup. Here are examples of the Ingredients of 3 popular brands:

  • Brand T Coconut Syrup – Total Calories per Serving : 80, Serving size : 1 oz

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, water, natural flavors, fractionated coconut oil, ester gum, citric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness).

  • Brand HS Coconut Syrup – Total Calories per Serving : 270, Serving size: 4 tablespoons [calories per tablespoon : 90  (calories from fat per serving : 15)]

Ingredients – High Fructose Corn Syrup, Coconut Milk, Sugar, Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) and Xanthan Gum.

  • Brand M Coconut Syrup – Total Calories per Serving : 100, Serving size : 1 fl. oz (30ml)

Ingredients – Pure cane sugar, water, natural and artificial coconut flavor, citric acid (preservative)

Compared with …

  • Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener – Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup: Calories per Serving : 15, Serving size : 1 teaspoon
    • Ingredients – 100% pure coconut (cocos nucifera) sap
    • 100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup is definitely … All Real Native Tropic Coconut …
    • An exquisite full body concentrate with a caramel twist  that extends to many more servings :
    • Unrefined, Unbleached …
    • Zero preservative. Zero additive.

… It’s unfortunate that these imitation coconut syrups continue to be sold to the uninformed. Contributing to the rise of excessive consumption of artificial sweeteners, table cane sugars, or HFCS in packaged foods. This disguise of Artificial Coconut Flavoring Mixes or Processed Imitation Coconut Sweeteners as “natural coconut flavors”, will eventually be exposed, if they are not already, as unnatural, psuedo-coconut mimic flavor.

… Being Concentrated syrup, Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener – 100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey goes a long, long way compared to the high-water-content imitation coconut syrups !

… And for the enlightened user, these compelling truths will set them free as they now discover this authentic, wholesome, and nutritious coconut honey-syrup sweetener !

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup

Liquid Sweetener : For Delectable Kitchen or Table Applications

All purpose liquid sweetener
Organic Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup does not crystallize, nor turn into sugar granules, even when refrigerated. It stays fresh under cold or warm temperatures evidenced by tiny air bubbles forming a ring around the neck of the bottle.
Delicious as it is nutritious as toppings or mixed with ice cream, cereals, cream pies, yogurt, or over pancakes, waffles, french toasts, baclava and fruit desserts! Perfect on mojito, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, milk, iced or hot tea, lemonade, smoothies, pina colada, or other beverage/drink applications.
… In cooking-baking recipes, it adds exotic caramel-like flavor excitement to marinades, sauces for poultry, meat, seafood or other savory dishes !

Excellent syrup by itself – even straight out of the bottle ! Healthful substitute for any of conventional syrup sweeteners, including artificial coconut flavoring mixes or imitation coconut concentrates.  And available all year round, all-weather FRESH !

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener – Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup – has come of age as “the healthier sweetener” without guilt for the “enlightened consumer” in all of us.

Natural Sap Sweetener Source –
No Processed Imitation Coconut

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener
100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup
is the Good Sweetener as nature intended it to be !

Synthetically Made Sweeteners – Out of Bounds on Safety

Synthetically manufactured syrups or artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter, thus, are least costly. Clearly, the jury is spot on on its long-term effects on the health and well – being of consumers.  The cumulative effect on users on HFCS and some artificial sweeteners have now been researched and validated over broader and longer term studies. As this debate is over, whether disguised by another name, and augurs well against the spiraling cost of health care.

A new study from Duke University raises safety issues on a particular brand of chlorinated artificial sweetener. Some brands are not allowed legally to be called sugar or sweetener, nor as functional food, but only as a dietary supplement.

Better safe than sorry ! Natural functional food – coconut sap sugar is safe. Safe is better, no cause for worry.

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener

100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup 

is your one safe choice today!

Manila Coco Sweetener Chart

Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup

Foods Measured in Glycemic Index (GI)

High GI Foods. Honey, white rice, French bread release their energy quickly – they are called “high glycemic  index (GI) food”.  If you are in for a day of hard, strenuous activities you need such high GI foods to sustain you for long hours. However, if you do light work load you only need low GI food – such as cereals, oats, brown rice and carrots.

When you eat High GI Food but do little or no physical activity, the invert sugars from carbohydrates are stored as fats. Your pancreas produces an enzyme called Insulin to regulate the amount of blood sugar. If you keep on eating High GI Food, you need more insulin. The same thing happens when you drink too much alcohol too often. Because these are quick energy foods, they cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly, triggering the release of insulin.

Consuming too much sugar can cause the the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas to fail to produce insulin. Failure to produce insulin leads to diabetes. To avoid diabetes dis-ease, we need to balance our diet with lots of regular physical exercise, and maybe supplementation.

Low GI Food @ 39 – Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup. The key to managing blood sugar, particularly for Diabetics, is the moderate consumption of foods, specially with high GI foods. Coconut sap honey-syrup is a low GI food. It assures you of the slow and steady release of sugar in the blood stream, avoiding blood sugar spikes – no rapid highs, no rapid lows. … Go slow on High GI Foods … Get on with Low GI Foods !

Coconut sap honey-syrup has been clinically tested with a low GI Index rating of only 39 from a scale of 100 by the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), confirming that long-held belief that …

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener  – 100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup effects lower, better blood sugar levels … because it is almost 50% GI of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener  – 100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup supports carbohydrate nutrition without blood glucose spikes, which are inevitable from other sweeteners on a comparable usage rate or GI load.

Who can Benefit from Eating Food Low on the Glycemic Index?

By helping to maintain lower blood sugar and insulin levels, a low-GI diet may be useful in preventing and treating a variety of the health problems, such as …

Diabetes … Cancer … Cardiovascular disease … Hypoglycemia … Obesity … and more.

Coconut Sap Sugar : Higher, Better Nutritive Values than Refined Cane Sugars

The FNRI analysis of nutritive values in natural coconut sap sugar in comparison with both refined brown and refined white cane sugars shows… [the higher the values the better] that Coconut Sap Sugar is decidedly the better and healthier sweetener.

(mg / l – ppm, dry)
Natural Coconut Sap Sugar Refined Brown Cane Sugar Refined White Cane Sugar
Nitrogen (N)




Phosphorus (P)




Potassium  (K)




Calcium (Ca)




Magnesium (Mg)




Sodium (Na)




Chlorine (Cl)




Sulfur (S)




Boron (B)




Zinc (Zn)




Manganese (Mn)




Iron (Fe)




Copper (Cu)




Source: Analyzed by PCA-TAL, Sept. 11, 2000.  (MI Secretaria et al, 2003) in parts per million (ppm or mg/li)

 Coconut Sap Sugar Nutrients and Its Specific Health Benefits


Health benefits derived from these nutrients

Nitrogen (N) help treat cardiovascular diseases
Phosphorus (P) important for bone growth, kidney functions and and cell growth
Potassium  (K) reduces hypertension, helps regulate blood sugar, helps control cholesterol levels and weight
Calcium (Ca) vital for strong bone and teeth, and for muscle growth
Magnesium (Mg) essential for metabolism, nerves and stimulates the brain (memory)
Sodium (Na) plays a key role in the functioning of nerves and muscles
Chlorine (Cl) corrects the pressure of body fluids and balance the nervous system
Sulfur (S) important for healthy hair, skin and nails, also helps maintain oxygen balance for proper brain function.
Boron (B) essential for healthy bone and joint function, enhances body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium
Zinc (Zn) called the “nutrient of intelligence” is necessary for mental development
Manganese (Mn) has antioxidant, free-radical-fighting properties, is important for proper food digestion and for normal bone structure
Iron (Fe) vital for the quality of blood, mental development and the immune system
Copper (Cu) helps to release energy, helps in melanin production in the skin, helps in the production of red blood cells and aid in the absorption and transport of iron.

Usage and Applications

Two (2) teaspoons of Manila Coco Organic Sweetener – coconut sap honey-syrup is equivalent to two (2) teaspoons of conventional syrup for the same sweetness … despite the fact that sweet taste buds vary by individual.

Though, many users would insist that 1:1.5 ratio is  “just right sweetness”. But, even if you opt for an added half teaspoon load on coco sugar, it would still net out to about 50% of the equivalent HFCS GI rating. …

… since the GI rating of high fructose corn syrup is almost double that of coconut sap honey-syrup (HFCS : 73 versus coco syrup : 39) … you can go ahead for more of the healthier goodness … a little indulgence without worry or guilt !!!

Use Manila Coco [tm] Sap Honey-Syrup in lieu of your ordinary or imitation coconut syrup for beverages – coffee, tea, dairy, juices/smoothies … its viscosity dissolves on water quickly … it even glides in your mouth !

As all-purpose sweetener, it suits well in cooking – baking and other epicurean delights. Infuse in marinades, barbecue sauces or glaze on meat/poultry/vegetables. Sprinkle it over cereals, hot bread, toast, waffles, or pancakes. Top it even on popcorns, maybe on sour fruits – for an ultimate unique treat!

Manila Coco ™ Organic Sweetener    –  100% Natural Coconut Sap Honey-Syrup :


Product Specifications
Ingredients: 100% pure coconut (cocos nucifera) concentrated fresh sap
Total Dissolved Solid : Brix (°Bx)  75

Flavor Choices : Bold Dark or Mellow Light

Shelf Life : 2 – 3 Years at 20ºC, Rh 50 – 60 %

Packs for Sale: 250 ml or 750 ml foodgrade sealed PET plastic bottle

Flavors Available : Mellow Light or Bold Dark

Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health Registration:
UPC bar code: 4809013293388
Product of the Philippines

Trans Fat Free
Manila Coco Syrup height =
Manila Coco Syrup height =

Manila Coco Syrup height =

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.
Last Updated – Aug. 22, 2015

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