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New York – Manila
Home of Possibly the Healthiest Oil on Earth – Virgin coconut oil

Manila Coco is a duly registered private corporation in the Philippines, with Head Office in Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, and a Liaison Office in New York City, USA. We are dedicated to recreating alternative and complimentary therapies by combining it with western science for food and topical use. We operate in domestic and international markets with products on specific applications for foundational nutrition and dietary supplements, derma care and culinary use.

Manila Coco extracts its own fine oils primarily for direct sale as ingredient base oil in industrial containers to other manufacturers, co-packers, and re-sellers of private label brands. We also sell through its own on-line shopping webstore ( and other affiliate centers, under its own consumer brands – Virgin Coco de Manila Premium Dietary Supplements, MC3 Energy Booster, Bali Spa Aromatherapy Massage Oils, and Virgin Coco de Manila Aciete de Vida Culinary Lauric Oils. This two-prong symbiotic selling strategy allows us to better manage our coconut supply and production schedules to the betterment of our industrial customers and direct consumers.

All virgin coconut oils by Manila Coco are naturally induced coconut oils through proprietary mechanical expellers (Manila VirginFlo), making no use of solvents or other chemicals. Our coconuts are non-GMO, and harvested from farm estates and surrounding fair trade communities.

These organic farms are devoid of pesticides and only use natural fertilizers. At the mills, we employ safe and hygienic processes. First pressed from fresh mature coconut kernels, our VCO retains its organic essences, and thus are certified truly virgin.

Manila Coco counts on the dependability in quality and supply of Philippine grown coconut trees to sustain its domestic and international operations. With the best coconuts known to grow from volcanic, nutrient-rich soil (and with the Philippines being right in the middle of the volcanic center known as the Pacific Ring of Fire), and nourished with constant fresh and seawater along coastal areas, the Philippine coco is indeed among the best coconut varieties in the world. The Philippine Coconut Authority reports that the Philippines is host to 345 million coconut trees, which yield a total of more than 11 billion nuts annually.

The Company’s three majority stockholders are successful entrepreneurs with a combined 120 years of business experience. In particular, President & CEO Jimmy P. Castro lends his extensive expertise in the food and beverage, and personal care businesses both in domestic and international markets, having worked through all his career with large multinational companies.

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