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In everything, one needs ample amount of energy to accomplish what he needs to do. Whether it is for sports, work, or just going through everyday life, a person must be powered enough to perform his tasks.
prod_mc3MC3 Energy Booster is a dietary supplement for athletic and stressed bodies for quicker source of fast burn, sustained energy fuel. Its vital nutrients, largely medium chain fatty substances (MCFA : caprylic – C 8, capric – C 10 and lauric – C 12) are natural triglycerides (MCT) that occur in organic pure virgin coconut oil.
supplement_facts_01American nutritionists lately discovered that MCT molecules are absorbed faster into the bloodstream that those of the other oils. With MC3, your active body performs smoother, without the sudden rush or energy spikes from sugar-based energy drinks. It restores metabolic balance and better absorbs Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and other minerals needed to speed up tissue repair and cell healing. With regular use, your body calibrates energy fuel usage for stamina or longer resistance to fatigue.

100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Usage Instructions:
100% Vegetarian.  Non-GMO.  Our VCO could be taken orally by itself or with meals, fruits, vegetables, dairy or other drinks to vary taste. Test-start with low dosages, and gradually increase to 3 or 4 tablespoons daily as desired. It solidifies at 20 degrees Celsius and thawed to water-clear prior to use.  No need to refrigerate.

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