Mission and Vision


New York – Manila
Home of Possibly the Healthiest Oil on Earth –┬áVirgin coconut oil


  • To recreate centuries-old eastern therapies with western science to promulgate alternative and complimentary support to healthy lifestyle and wellness
  • To achieve global superiority in Philippine coconut products so as to advance the welfare of small coconut farms and estates.


  • We see a world of optimal and affordable health and derma care, where epicurean delights are celebrated without fear or guilt
  • We see an enhanced lifestyle where diseases and ailments succumb to more enlightened, balanced, and holistic therapeutic management practices in harmony with mind, body, and soul.
  • We see a world where natural habitats of flora and fauna are nurtured, replenished and sustained organically.
  • We see a world where fair trade and community advocacy flourish in conjunction with pursuit of economic wealth.

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