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logo_vcdm_01Virgin Coco De Manila Premium Dietary Supplement for Family

pro_dietary_02Virgin Coco de Manila brand of dietary supplement supports nutrition for energy fuel and anti-microbial protection against infectious diseases. Recognized by Food Scientists as healthiest oil on earth, pure VCO contains unique essential fatty substances (MCFA : lauric, capric and caprylic), as well as monolaurins and tocopherols – that mimic mother’s breast milk.

Our VCOs are unrefined, naturally induced from proprietary mechanical expellers (Manila VirginFlo) , without chemicals, no bleaching, no deodorizing. Distinct from partially-hydrogenated vegetable fats with artificially stabilized unsaturated fatty acids, and saturated animal fats, lards and shortening which contain largely long chain fatty acids which are the ones found to be harmful to health, our VCOs have naturally stable saturated fatty acids, which produce no free radicals and have no cholesterol-enhancing attributes.  Our VCOs do not need to undergo chemical processes like partial hydrogenation to prolong shelf life, and as such, are devoid of trans fatty acids which are known to cause degenerative diseases.
supplement_facts_01Virgin Coco de Manila VCOs are derived first pressed from non-GMO, freshly picked mature coconuts organically grown from the rich tropical Philippine soils. So, one can enjoy its light sweet coconut taste and aroma. It’s moisture is almost nil that it is rancid-free and with shelf life longer than village pressed oils.

Virgin Coco de Manila VCOs also come in popular flavors, infused with essential oils from lemon, orange and honey, without degrading its natural VCO goodness for variety.

100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil (and essential oils of lemon, orange and honey, in the case of flavored VCO)

Usage Instructions:
100% Vegetarian.  Non-GMO.  Our VCO could be taken orally by itself, or with meals, fruits, dairy or other drinks to vary taste.
fatty_acid_profile_02It’s best to test-start with low dosage and gradually increase to 3 or 4 tablespoons daily as desired.  It solidifies at 20 degrees Celsius and thawed to water-clear oil prior to use.  No refrigeration needed.

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Available Flavors

flavor_logo_small_honeyHoney Flavor

Savor the rich honey in virgin coconut oil.

flavor_logo_small_lemonLemon Flavor

Taste the zest of lemon infuzed with the smooth flavor of virgin coconut oil.

flavor_logo_small_orangeOrange Flavor

Enjoy the tangy flavor or orange and virgin coconut oil goodness in one.

flavor_logo_small_naturalNatural Flavor

Experience organic virgin coconut oil with light sweet taste.

Available Sizes

front_jar_dietary_01250 ml

narrow mouth bottle

front_jar_premium_01110 ml

narrow mouth bottle


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administation. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.

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