Virgin Coco de Manila Aceite de Vida Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Skin Hair Care CLEAN LABEL ZERO PRESERVATIVE ZERO ADDITIVE


32 oz/948 ml
VCO skin hair 32 oz
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Organic 100% pure Virgin Coconut Oil 

All Natural – Zero Additive, Zero Preservative

Skin Hair Care

Direct from Source – our Manila Coco Factory

32 oz (948 ml)


Ingredient OilVirgin Coco De Manila Aceite de Vida Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), a fine ingredient or carrier oil for health and beauty aids, personal care products, and cosmetics.As shown in independent skin research studies, it is a better moisturizing agent than petroleum distilled mineral oil or chemical preservative-laden products.Plant-based organic VCO is made up of essential fatty acids that are normal components of, and native to, the human skin barrier as lauric, capric, caprylic, and myristic acids – which replace the lost lipids in, and rejuvenate dry/damaged skin and hair. Its natural anti-oxidant (tocopherols) helps protect skin from sunburn…… while indulging in an aura of tropical paradise with its light sweet fresh coconut aroma –
closest to that of natural coconut fresh fruit!

100% Pure Virgin Coconut (cocos nucifera) Oil, from fresh dry-desiccated coconut, Certified Organic, Conformant to Codex Alimentarius Standards of Identity**

Cold Expeller Pressed, non-fermented, non – RBD, non – hydrogenated, non-fractionated

3 years at room temperature and normal light; no refrigeration


Our Organic VCO for skin/hair applications  carries distinct advantages because:

  • We source coconuts out of 3rd-party certified organic (Ceres of Germany)/NOP USDA and EU Regulations (EC) 834/2007), free-trade farm estates plantations -where the best fruit varieties are  harvested in rotation through out the year for sustained supply.
  • We extract our fine oils via proprietary state of-the-art mechanical expellers (manila virginflo [tm]), with almost nil moisture level and free fatty acids. It is naturally transfat free, and free from bad bacteria.
  • We constantly improve ways to serve customers better, via our poly-bagged sealed oil, preferred by most Buyers, for better natural aroma lock and anti-rancid shield.
  • We utilize world-class production and quality assurance methods, temperature controlled warehousing to avoid risks of pollutants or micro contamination, ensuring sustained inventory supply, and low-cost regime … International food hygiene and safety practices against foreign object contaminants as authenticated in our cGMP, HACCP certifications by TUV/SUD PSB Philippines/Germany.
  • We produce our own factory brand : Virgin Coco de Manila, with only 1 extraction method from only 1 factory location … to ensure our purest – unblended, authentic VCO.

  • Not like other brand-sellers who source from multiple village processors of varying quality designs and practices, Manila Coco VCO system guarantees no mixing with other oil types or grades – only a 100 % unadulterated oil – every single time.

  • As we sell our own produced brand direct to online webstores, we incur no extra unnecessary cost of repacking, unlike non-producer or wholesaler brands.
  • We plough back our cost savings from direct e-retailing to local farm communities in support of eco-friendly practices, better working conditions and pay for farm estate workers and allied suppliers in the spirit of fair trade.
    • We devote our attention, care, and resources to making our top quality VCO continuously better for enhanced customer satisfaction and health care.
  • We provide bench-product development support to compliment customers’ own product recipes and packaging specifications, including product chemical analysis, certificate of origin and other regulatory compliance.

Virgin Coco de Manila Aceite de Vida Organic VCO is recognized by leading dermatologists as the healthiest topical oil on earth.

NON-COMEDOGENIC. Our Organic VCO  is certified non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) by independent dermatological organization, skin-patch tested on human volunteers of various skin-colors and age-tones.

As a super-moisturizer, it leaves the skin supple-soft, silky-smooth, and radiant with a non-sticky feel. As a massage oil, it allows the body to rehydrate and rejuvenate. For hair care, it nourishes hair roots and follicles, thickens hair strands, thus making hair more vibrant and healthier lush.

Just simply,



Edible Oil

Virgin Coco de Manila Aceite de Vida Organic VCO also lends well to cooking, baking, stir frying, and cold garden salad applications. … particularly suited for low-to-medium heat temperature of up to 350 degrees F. Discriminating chefs recommend our VCO for blending with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for super nutritious ethnic fine cuisine.



100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Usage Instructions:
Massage onto dry skin or after shower. Apply as desired and only externally. Do not return exposed oil to jar. Keep out of children’s reach. Do not store in extreme conditions. This VCO blend solidifies at 20 – 24 degrees Celsius (68 – 76°F) and should be thawed to water-clear oil prior to use.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.
Latest label with USDA Organic logo.


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