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Organic 100% pure Virgin Coconut Oil

NO BLEND. ONE EXTRACTION method ONE LOCATION assures Purity, Freshness

Natural Appetite Suppressant and Weight Loss. NO LIVER STRAIN

No Unproven Exotic Substances, Non-Pill, Non-Capsule, Non-Powder. Liquid Fast.

Direct Manila Coco Factory Brand – 8.45 oz (250 ml)

Natural and Organic

Virgin Coconut Oils (VCO) by Manila Coco Bio-Essence are pressure-induced food grade coconut oils through proprietary advanced mechanical expellers (Manila VirginFlo), without the use of solvents, no hexane, nor any chemical – much like those of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Fresh mature coconut kernels (non-copra) are grated within 36 – 48 hours from fruit harvest, steam-cleaned, then, blanched, and desiccated dry to best capture its plant sterols and essences. The resulting meal is then aseptically pressed to crude oil, with the faintest heat necessary to reduce moisture to its lowest level to avoid oxidation and for longer shelf life. Without interruption, this raw oil isfiltered through natural earth carbon from final impurities before it is sent to storage tanks in its purest form.

Only non-GMO coconuts from robust juicy trees not more than 50 years old within organic farm estates are used. Governmental bio-researchers have long found out that trees older than half a century tend to be less productive with anemic fruits, sub-prime senile, and prone to a lot of tree diseases.

Farm and processing aspects are in conformity to the Philippine National Identity Standards (Codex Alimentarius of the WHO and WTO) of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, and 3rd party International Food Hygiene : non-metal/non-micro-contamination practices as authenticated by TUV/SUD PSB Phils/Germany, and Organic Certification by Ecocert of Germany and accredited by NOP USDA and EU Regulation (EC) 834/07.

100% Pure Virgin Coconut (cocos nucifera) Oil, from fresh dry desiccated coconut, Certified Organic, Conformant to Codex Alimentarius Standards of Identity**

Cold Expeller Pressed, non-fermented, non-RBD, non-hydrogenated, non-fractionated

Best use by 04/02/2019 or later; no refrigeration

100% Pure Virgin, Unblended, Safe

coconutBy first cold-press, the Manila VirginFlo method retains the natural fresh coconut phytonutrients, as evidenced by its light sweetish taste and aroma, with its crystalline water-white color, non-greasy fluid, and free of sediment and rancidity. Unlike other extraction methods, Manila VirginFlo does not use any fermentation enzyme, nor decanting common to village pressed oils. No conventional chemical refining, no bleaching, no deodorizing (no RBD), no hydrogenation.

It does not alter the oil’s integral native carbon-chain structures, keeping free fatty acid negligible, moisture almost nil, and peroxide and iodine values very low -ZERO PRESERVATIVES, ZERO ADDITIVES – key indicators of unadulterated VCO.

Altered Coconut Oils – such as Deodorized, Distilled, or Fractionated Coconut Oils – loose all anti-oxidants (Tocopherols, Vitamin E) in very high heat processing. These do not carry the same kind and amount of beneficial fatty acids as 100% pure, unblended VCO. As such, these are properly labeled “NOT VIRGIN”, or merely “coconut oil”, despite these as being co-labeled no-chemical-pesticides “Organic”.

More distinctly, Manila Coco feed meal and oil extraction undergo consistent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP (Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Points) and ISO procedures to carefullyassure every single time our best quality oil, and prevent any pollutant or micro contamination.These Good-Housekeeping best practices may not be mandatory in traditional wet-milling or low-tech manual methods due to cost considerations.

And all these guarantee our VCO as safe, not blended with other processed, altered, nor fractionated oils. Yet, simply 100% pure virgin coconut oil.


Why we believe VCO is better for appetite control & weight loss

Product Differentiators from other appetite suppressants:

  • Manila VirginFlo [tm] System of 100% Pure, Unblended Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) from blanched, dry-desiccated coconut starting materials – proven as the better anti-rancidity shield, and  through its proprietary advanced mechanical expellers – is the least intrusive of all 3 extraction methods. Our VCO is naturally stable, and uniquely beneficial saturated fatty acids. As such, it acts as natural appetite suppressant in the same manner as other nuts, fruits, and vegetables are. More so, it is devoid of toxic trans fatty acids, protects cells from free-radical damage, and free of bad-cholesterol enhancing properties – gaining its scientific claim as – The Healthiest Oil on earth… The Good Fats!


  • Unlike many diet pills, capsules, or powders, which contain unwanted fillers or additives like ephedrine or caffeine, or calorie burning blends, liquid-fast VCO simply makes you feel fuller and stop the cravings or hunger pangs, as long practiced and remained effective today as 3000 yrs ago in ancient civilizations in Asia/India – no mixture of exotic unproven substances, without “brain tricks” that could trigger jitters, unpleasant or hazardous side effects.
  • VCO is good for weight loss because it contains lower calories (due to its small size molecules) than other dietary oils – olive, canola, soy, corn, safflower, and even much lower than fish or salmon caloric counts.
  • VCO is composed largely (2/3) of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are easily digestible in the liver for quick energy expenditure (just like a non-excessive carbohydrate or protein) – but, unlike long chain fatty acids (LCFA) predominant in other vegetable/seed oils – canola, corn, olive (82% LCFA), soy, rapeseed, safflower, or worse, from animal fats – which take a long time to metabolize as they end up as stored fats in cells.
  • VCO promotes thyroid gland functions, which control metabolism or energy use. Conversely, mono/polyunsaturated vegetable oils with their slow-digestible LCFA are called “high-fat fats” (soy, corn, canola, olive, etc). All these LCFAs depress thyroid gland hormones, thus reduce metabolic rate…. and when metabolic rate or energy use is reduced, weight gain is produced.


Why we believe VCO is the better appetite suppressant

Manila Coco’s Virgin Coconut Oil liquid supplement for appetite control and weight loss contains largely the optimum amount of beneficial medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are easily digestible, thus, promote metabolism faster than other dietary oils.

NO MIXTURE OF EXOTIC UNPROVEN SUBSTANCES, simply coconut, a proven therapeutic fruit. It is distinct from unsaturated hydrogenated vegetable fats, and saturated animal fats (lards/shortening), pre-dominated by long chain fatty acids (LCFA) – both fatty acid groups have been medically traced to cause weight gain, and many of the deadly degenerative diseases (obesity, diabetes, etc). ….

VCO’s MCFAs are not only burned for energy production, but they encourage the burning of LCFAs as well. Dr. Julian Whitaker, well-known authority on health and nutrition, makes this analogy between long chain triglycerides (LCT) and medium chain triglycerides (MCT): “LCTs are like heavy wet logs that you put on a small campfire. Keep adding the logs, and soon you will have more logs than fire. MCTs are like rolled up newspaper soaked in gasoline. They not only burn brightly, but will burn up the wet logs as well.”. …

Published studies showed that high polyunsaturated oil of corn and soy are good choices as livestock animal feeds because these worked so well to suppress thyroid functions, decreasing the animals’ metabolic rates, and are therefore fattening. …

Cataloged researches revealed that Monolaurin, the monoglyceride of VCO’s lauric acid (C 12) inside the body has shown broad-spectrum antiseptic action against bacteria, fungi, and drug-resistant viruses. Its natural chemical compounds contain the optimum amount of essential fatty acids, largely medium chain fatty acids – lauric, caprylic, capric, and tocopherols (natural vitamin E), which cause resistance to pre-oxidation.

Manila Coco VCO is distinct from partially hydrogenated vegetable fats (with artificially stabilized unsaturated fatty acids), and animal fats (lards/shortening), which are pre-dominated by long chain fatty acids. Artificially stabilized fatty acids, and long chain fatty acids have been medically traced to cause many of these now-better-understood degenerative diseases.

No small wonder, these make our VCO excellent liquid-fast dietary supplement for appetite suppressant and weight loss by itself, or even mixed with other prepared foods, juice drinks/smoothies or other drinks. So with proper diet and exercise, losing weight has never been easy and so much fun for the enlightened ” big weight loser”.


Why we believe Manila Coco VCO offers better value

  1. Manila Coco Better VCO Product of Quality Consistency in Every Pack at Competitive Prices. Because we extract and pack VCO from a singular factory location, we control product quality consistently. We also guarantee its uncompromised integrity and safety from contaminants in every pack. Manila Coco relies on long-standing allies – a few larger-volume farm estate plantations (fair-trade) to select the appropriate fruit variety. Blanching the nut kernels by steam sterilizes, and retains complete essential oils. Continuous milling of quick dry feedmeal, through desiccation avoids micro contamination.
  2. To buy direct from source with ONLY ONE EXTRACTION method – Manila VirginFlo ™ Advanced Expeller – yields many advantages.We produce our own VCO from only 1 extraction method in 1 factory location.  With Manila Coco’s singular system there is just no way of mixing of dissimilar types or grades of oil. Manila  Coco VCO system guarantees a 100% pure -unblended oil – every single time.
    Other brand-sellers carry more than one extraction methods (fermentation enzyme, mechanical expeller, centrifuge, etc). And they are sourced from numerous families or village processors of varying quality designs and practices – which are commonly done in non-producer or wholesaler brands, which put together  different extracted VCOs and rolled them into a consolidating warehouse.
    Thus, this multi-processors system of other brands,

    1. Runs the risk of commingling various VCO quality grades, adulteration or blending with non-VCO oils;
    2. Does not prevent the risk of contamination from antiquated, and difficulty to control variations in, multi-family village processing.

Expeller-Pressed VCOs, Fermented VCOs or Centrifuged VCOs?


Key points of differences are:

  1. Quality. Expeller-pressed VCO from blanched, dry milled-desiccated coconut starting material or feedstocks  tastes and smells sweetish clean, smooth with light fluid density. With a proven long life, it remains at its peak in 2 or 3 years, lasting up to 5 years of nut opening. Manila Coco VCOs come pure, closest to natural coconut fruit fresh flavor.
    Whereas, fermented VCO and centrifuged VCO from wet-milled coconut cream, taste and smell  intense, pre-copra-like, with heavy greasy fluid mouth-feel. Centrifuged VCO even has slightly burnt aroma. Fermented VCO has a tested short shelf life, and starts to go rancid beyond 6 months of nut opening; while centrifuged VCO has slightly longer life.
    Independent technical analysis (peroxide, iodine values, etc) confirm oil experts reading of the stark differences of these 3 types of VCOs. And thereby concluded that …
    [… No matter what the claimed level of natural anti-oxidants (tocopherols) there are in Fermented VCO, it degrades way much faster than those of the blanched, dry-desiccated expeller pressed oil.]
  2. Starting Raw Material or Feedstocks and Process. Manila Coco uses only mature fresh, dry-milled desiccated coconut feedstocks to extract oil from. Blanching has the advantages of preserving its original phyto-nutrients much longer, while keeping its taste/aroma as natural as freshly cut coconut fruit.Whereas, fermented oil and centrifuged oil come from wet-milled grated coconut cream, carrying organisms – enzymes that grow older each day. After about 6 months, whether bottled or not, it starts to oxidize. This is because with high moisture, fermentation bacteria-enzyme grows stronger as it gets older and eventually absorbs, thus, overpowers its natural anti-oxidant…. thereby, gives off-flavors,  and copra-moldy-like rancid smell.
    With Manila Coco VCO, there are no enzymes  or bad bacteria to worry about.  By blanching its feedstocks its original plant sterols, nutrients and flavors are contained. By dry-desiccating  it, it avoids any kind of micro-contamination early on the extraction and holding process. Simply, it’s clean, smooth, and most natural fluid.
  3. Process Consistency. Manila Coco extracts its own VCO with a single extraction method in a single factory location. Thus, it controls all factory inputs, ensures unblended purity and fresh quality, in every single pack.
    Whereas, fermented VCO or centrifuged VCO commonly comes from village families. These small family processors use 2 or 3 extraction methods (fermentation, expeller, centrifuge) in the aggregate. Every family-fermentor or family-extractor by centrifuge has its own quality design/practice. They then vary from family to family. You can imagine their challenges in controlling quality variations therefrom, and the inconsistencies unavoidable in every production batch.

Critical Dilemma of Fermented VCO or Centrifuged VCO producer – on to its limited production capacity and shortness in processing time

Limited Output. With each families limited output (200 liters/day national average), fermented or centrifuged VCO inevitably has to be scaled up to economical size lots.  For example, to fill up a 40 footer least-cost export shipment (a full container load of 80 drums max), a single family needs 80 days. Or, it takes 80 village families producing 200 liters each family a day simultaneously, or any combination thereof. The main limiting factor for family enterprises is the supply of fresh, less than 3 day old coconut fruits.

Limited Time. What’s adding to family enterprise processing difficulties is this “3-day freshness” norm or regulatory requirement – because mother nature imposes on this very short window to gather enough fresh nuts, process, and pack them – all within 3 days. 

[Each mature coconut has to be converted to feedstocks within 72 hours after fruit harvest. Otherwise, by genetics, it starts to grow an embryo sperm-sprout inside shell. When it does, the old nut goes instead to copra (dried meat) for conventional cooking oil production. Eligible feedstocks, exposed to the elements, must then be fermented and packed within 24 hours of nut opening to keep its freshness natural and phytonutrients optimal.]

Intermixing oil from 2 – 3 types of processing could be inevitable !

Because in family enterprises or village processing, scale is daunting task ,time is constrained, this system runs the temptation of putting together, intermixing 2 or 3 different oil processing types of varying quality grades, before they are rolled into a consolidating warehouse.

This is made particularly more untenable for non-producers or wholesalers, who outsource from village families, and whose virtual control are remotely thousands of miles away from production villages.


Manila Coco Solution – Single Extraction Method in a Single Location

We believe Manila Coco’s single extraction method in a single location is safer (no oil intermix) system. It avoids the unnecessary risks of commingling or adulteration better than family  enterprises or village multi-processors with their 2 or 3 extraction methods hand-in-hand of varying quality setups.

bluelabelManila Coco Total System Advantage. Through out all these production best practices, professionally managed, including state-of-the-art oil expeller extraction, in one factory location, we assure consumers of the highest authentic, unblended quality possible, regularity of supply, and low-cost regime.

Modern VCO processing systems [Manila VirginFlo – [tm] ] do not make our product less natural and organic. On the contrary, it rather corrects the limitations of traditional antiquated fermentation and centrifuge methods, thereby enhances its safety, potency, and true value.

In sum, these give warrant to our premium quality at competitive retail prices.

We, at Manila Coco, thus believe that the VCO of choice is for fresh clean, light  smooth sweetish coconut oil taste and aroma – closest to natural fresh coconut fruit – for the informed, discriminating, and top-quality minded VCO users.


No. 3 : To buy Manila Coco Factory Brand helps sustain eco-farm best practices.
More importantly, Manila Coco ploughs back cost savings from direct e-retailing –

  1. To local farming communities in support of eco-friendly practices, better working conditions and pay for farm estate workers and allied suppliers in the spirit of fair trade;
  2. To making our top quality VCO continuously better for enhanced customer satisfaction and health care.

Try our Virgin Coco de Manila VCO factory brand – it might just be your kind of VCO!

We believe that with controlled organic large farm plantations, where harvests of best fruit variety are rotated year long, by using blanched desiccated-dry continuous feedstocks,  with oil extracted  from only 1 singular method – by advanced mechanical expellers for better quality yields at higher volumes, underpinned by global best production practices as GMP/Haccp/ISO in one factory location. … you can be assured of authentic, pure – unblended, safe VCOs every single time.

In other words, ”Manila VirginFlo” proprietary extraction could very well be “the just right method”.  Added to it is the total system quality confidence, anchored on over 80 years of desiccated coconut sourcing and production experience (since 1927). 

We understand coconuts. We continue to discover its wonders, as we have for generations first hand  – long before those claims of non-producer or wholesaler brands.

Accolade to Users who discovered VCO

It’s only quite recently that the VCO industry was reborn out of the demands of natural and organic  product pioneers, local and overseas consumers, wellness experts, and export traders. In fact, VCO was not discovered by any particular government agency, nor by any  producer or trader. But  it got resurrected, propagated more in foreign markets what has long been embedded in local tropical culture for generations as raw, crude or virgin coconut oil.

It’s the enlightened user in you, who gave birth to, and insists on the best quality VCO that should be congratulated.  And given the accolade of discovering the healthiest oil on earth !

All these make our Virgin Coco de Manila Aciete de Vida VCO brand the better-value-for-your-money today.  You can be assured that our VCOs are premium, and preferred top quality over and above what the labels says!

And finally, facts for the pantry …


Manila Coco Virgin Coconut Oil + Extra  Virgin Olive Oil : Best of Both Worlds !

Virgin Coco de Manila Premium Organic VCO as non-GMO culinary ingredient is classified as “GRAS” – generally regarded as safe and suited for any home or foodservice kitchen use (in either water-white liquid or snow-white solid form) especially in low-to-medium heat cooking, baking, sautéing or garnishing vegetable salads.


Tale of Two Virgins: Coco and Olive
– Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Though extracted under similar cold press processes, VCO differs from EVOO.

VCOs are mostly (92%) beneficial saturated fatty acids, particularly medium chain triglycerides (MCT) at 62%. Conversely, EVOO contains mostly (83%) unsaturated fatty acids.

While EVOO is also a good source for immunity and cardio vascular strength, VCO’s essential fatty acids – MCT – is closest to mother’s breast milk, a one-of-a-kind source for the development of infant immune and nervous systems. On adults, the fusion of VCO’s MCT and EVOO’s mono/polyunsaturated fatty acids would definitely be the most potent combination of essential fatty acids on this planet.



100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Usage Instructions:
100% Vegetarian. Non-GMO. Our VCO could be taken orally by itself, or with meals, fruits, dairy or other drinks to vary taste. It is best to test-start with low dosage and gradually increase to 3 or 4 tablespoons daily as desired. It solidifies at 20 – 24 degrees Celsius (68- 76°F) and should be thawed to water-clear oil prior to use.

Apply the oil as with any normal cooking, baking, or garnishing procedure. Avoid overheating the oil. Ideal for garden salads and other cold dishes, in lieu of, or mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No refrigeration needed.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.


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