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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Specification Sheet

DESCRIPTION: All Virgin Coconut Oils by Manila Coco Bio-Essence are naturally induced coconut oils through proprietary mechanical expellers (Manila VirginFlo – tm pending), without the use of solvents or other chemicals. The bulk organic fresh mature coconut kernels, grated within 36 – 48 hours from fruit harvest, are first steam-cleaned of all foreign matter, then, dried. The resulting meal is then mechanically expelled with the faintest heat (about 40 degrees Celsius) to reduce moisture to its lowest level for longer shelf life of its liquid oil. After which, this raw oil is filtered with natural carbon from final impurities before it is sent to storage tanks in its purest form. All aspects are in conformity to the Philippine National Identity Standards.


This Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is first cold-pressed, retaining its natural fresh coconut essence and scent, colorless, and free from sediment and rancid color/taste. Unlike other processes, Manila VirginFlo does not use any fermentation enzyme, no chemical refining, no bleaching, no deodorizing, nor hydrogenate it, thus, it does not alter the oil organic carbon-chain structures. As the feed material comes from freshly-picked fruits, non-GMO, and not from sun-dried copra meal, it is free from sodium and aflatoxins.

More importantly, it contains the optimum amount of unique MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACIDS as lauric, caprylic, capric, as well as monolaurins and tocopherols, making it resistant to pre-oxidation. Distinct from partially-hydrogenated vegetable fats (with stabilized unsaturated fatty acids), and animal fats, lards/shortening, which contain largely long chain fatty acids, Manila Coco VCO preserves its naturally stable SATURATED FATTY ACIDS. As such, it is devoid of trans fatty acids and other free-radicals or cholesterol enhancing attributes. Published studies showed that virgin coconut medium chain fatty acids (mcfa) mimic those of mother’s breast milk that boosts infant immune system, and also cause adult metabolic rate increases as VCO is converted directly to energy in the liver, passing through intestinal portal veins. Recent researches revealed VCO’s anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anit-protozoal benefits in humans as well.

Product: Crude , Naturally Expelled Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Virgin**
Shell Life: Minimum of 3 years at room temperature and dim light; no refrigeration


*Free Fatty Acid, % max:
*Saponification Value (mg/KOH/g oil):
*Peroxide Value (meq/kg):
*Iodine Value (cg i2/g oil):
*Moisture & Volatiles %:
*Total Tocopherols:
*Color Yellow:
*Color Red:
*Flash Point, Degrees F:

Water Clear
40 mg/kg
1.0 (nil)
0.1 (nil)
170 ºF

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