Shopping Guide

Using your shopping cart is very simple! Your shopping cart holds all the items that you are ordering. You can keep adding or deleting titles from the cart until you go to the checkout.

  1. Once you have decided on the product you are interested in, click the [Buy Now] button from the Product page.
  2. You will be brought to a list of options for that particular product. The options include available flavors or variants and sizes. Please select the option you like, and then click the [Add to Cart] button.
  3. That particular product will be added to your shopping cart. You can change the quantity and remove items. You can also add additional products into the cart by clicking the ‘Keep Shopping’ link. When you had finalized your order, click on the [Check Out] button.
  4. In the Check Out page, you will be prompted for your e-mail address and password and then click [Sign In]. You will be taken to the Shipping Options page. If you do not have an account, you can create one by filling up the New Customer form.
    screen_04 (1)
  5. Enter the Shipping Address where you want the item/s to be delivered. Click on ‘Same as Billing’ if your address Billing Address is the same as the Shipping Address
  6. The shipping charge will be automatically computed according to the weight and quantity of the item you ordered. Click on the [Select] button.
  7. You can review the details of your order by clicking on the [Review Order] button. To pay using PayPal, highlight ‘PayPal’ and click the [Continue] button.
  8. You will be brought to the PalPay website for a secured payment of your order. If you already have a PayPal account, just enter your Email address and password to login, and process your order. If you do not have an account yet, there a button there to click, then fill in the form to create a New Account.
  9. Once the PayPal transaction is completed, we will review the order, confirm the payment, and validate the shipping address. We will start processing the order, prepare the item, then send it directly to your address. We will send you emails on the status of the processing of your order.
  10. To view the Status of your Order, just click the ‘order status‘ link at the top of our web site, and then Sign In by entering your email address and password. The page will list all your past and present orders from our web site. Just click on the Order Number to view its present status.

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