Virgin Coco Lauric Oil

logo_aceite_de_vida_01Aceite de Vida Culinary Lauric Oil

Virgin Coco de Manila Lauric Oils (VCDM-LO) are for culinary home or industrial kitchen use in low-heat cooking, baking, sautéing and table-vegetables garnishing. Its natural coconut aroma/flavor and goodness are best prod_culinary_01suited with low-heat applications (up to 170 degrees Celsius) so as not to destroy its organic nutrients. Deep frying (370 degrees Celsius or more) only causes the release of free radicals or unwanted trans fats, now generally recognized as similarly present in all hydrogenated cooking oils, thus, to be avoided.

Virgin Coco de Manila Lauric Oils are ideal for epicurean delights and gastronomic adventures without the fear of unhealthy consequences or guilt of overindulgence. With our oils, eating the right foods at the right time has never been so much fun.
supplement_facts_01-2Two types of VCDM Lauric Oils: Premium – 1st Press (lauric acid of 50% – 55%) and Organic – 2nd Press (lauric acid of 47% – 50%) for varying applications.

Lauric Acid – A kind of a medium chain fatty triglycerides which is also found in Mother’s milk. It kills bacteria, viruses and pathogens, and increases the body’s immune system.

Fresh, Select Coconuts – Only freshly-picked coconuts are used to ensure the maintenance of natural antioxidants, this allows for longer shelf life.

Volcanic Soil – The best coconuts are those that grow from volcanic, nutrient-rich soil.  The Philippines is the right in the middle of the volcanic center known as the Ring of Fire, located 11 ° North of the equator.  This makes Philippine coconuts the best coconut variety in the world.

fatty_acid_profile_02-2Manila VirginFlo
– Our oils are naturally induced through propriety mechanical expellers.

All-Natural and Organic – From fresh mature coconut kernels, first pressed, it retains its organic essences. Our coconut trees are grown from volcanic, nutrient-rich soils in farm estates.  These are devoid of pesticides, they are Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) and with no hybrids.

Safe and Healthy Process – Our oils are free from chemical refining, no bleaching, no deodorizing. Our process has been marked with GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certifications.

100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Usage Instructions:
Apply the oil as with any normal cooking/baking/garnishing procedure. Avoid overheating the oil.

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Available Sizes

jar_logo_small_cul_32oz32 oz / 948 ml

jar_logo_small_cul_16oz16 oz / 474 ml

jar_logo_small_cul_08oz8 oz / 237 ml


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