Virgin Coconut Oil for Food Supplement or Topical Application

logo_vcdm_01Aceite de Vida Premium Virgin Coconut Oil for Food Supplement or Topical Applications

Virgin Coco De Manila Aceite de Vida is our own brand of possibly the finest ingredient oil in the world for industrial manufacturing. We adhere to best farm and processing practices to deliver Premium Virgin Coconut Oil of superior quality at competitive prices.
prod_pix_ind_premium_01-1What makes our fine oils the best in its class?  It is superior quality assurance whether large and small volumes. That story starts from sourcing coconuts out of certified organic farm estates to processing our oils via proprietary state-of-the-art mechanical expellers and world class hi-volume production and quality assurance methods to sustainable finished goods inventory supply. Yet, we know how to run small-volume-turn-key pilot projects with our flexible and efficient manufacturing techniques (FEMs). We provide benchmark research to compliment customer’s own product specifications and packaging differentiation, including product analysis, certificate of origin and other technical and regulatory data.

We pack our fine oils in 1 gallon (3.79 L) and 5 gallon (18.95 L) pails, and 52.8 gallon (200 L) drums with foodgrade polyliners. We ship to customers from third party accredited toll-processors and co-packers from locations within the continental USA (California and New Jersey).

We promise customer service and care second to none. And we intent to keep our promises and credibility over and above our quest for financial gains. This is because we are geared ultimately towards protecting the sustainability of small farming communities and fair trade and of the Philippine coconut industry in general.

prod_pix_ind_premium_02-1Virgin Coco de Manila Aceite de Vida Premium Virgin Coconut Oil is ideal ingredient for product category applications in food supplements or skin and hair care. Recognized by Food Scientists as healthiest oil on earth, pure VCO contains unique essential fatty substances (MCFA : lauric, capric and caprylic), as well as monolaurins and tocopherols – that mimic mother’s breast milk.

Our VCOs are unrefined, naturally induced from proprietary
supplement_facts_01-1-1mechanical expellers (Manila VirginFlo), without chemicals, no bleaching, no deodorizing. Distinct from partially-hydrogenated vegetable fats with artificially stabilized unsaturated fatty acids, and saturated animal fats, lards and shortening which contain largely long chain fatty acids which are the ones found to be harmful to health, our VCOs have naturally stable saturated fatty acids, which produce no free radicals and have no cholesterol-enhancing attributes. Our VCOs do not need to undergo chemical processes like partial hydrogenation to prolong shelf life, and as such, are devoid of trans fatty acids which are known to cause degenerative diseases.

Virgin Coco de Manila VCOs are derived first pressed from non-GMO, freshly picked mature coconuts organically grown from the rich tropical Philippine soils. So, one can enjoy its light sweet coconut taste and aroma. It’s moisture is almost nil that it is rancid-free and with shelf life longer than village pressed oils.
fatty_acid_profile_02-1-1Virgin Coco de Manila VCOs as base oil for food supplements also come in popular flavors, natural or infused with essential oils from lemon, orange and honey, without degrading its natural VCO goodness for variety.

Virgin Coco de Manila VCO as base oil for skin and hair care applications. With its non-sticky touch feel and silky-smooth, soothing rubs, it leaves the skin supple soft and radiant, moisturized, and nourished, as well as the body hydrated and rejuvenated. For hair care, it nourishes hair roots and follicles, thickens hair strands, thus making hair more vibrant and healthier.

100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

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Available Sizes

container_ind_org_1gal1 Gal / 3.79 L
container_ind_org_5gal5 Gal / 18.95 L
container_ind_org_52gal52.8 Gal / 200L


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administation. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.

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